Contax Cameras UK Limited

35mm SLR - RXII - Specification


35mm focal plane shutter AE SLR

Lens Mount

Contax/Yashica MM mount


Electronically controlled, vertical travel, focal plane shutter 

Shutter Speed

Auto: (Av&P) 16 sec; (Tv setting) 4 seconds to 1/4000
4 seconds to 1/4000 sec., B, X (1/125)
Manual: 4 seconds to 1/4000 sec., B, X (1/125)


10 sec / 2 sec, Electromagnetic, with exclusive release socket.

Shutter Release

Electromagnetic, provided with an exclusive release socket

Exposure Control Mode

Aperture priority AE (Av), shutter speed priority AE (Tv), Program AE (P) manual exposure

Metering System

TTL center weighted average metering/TTL spot metering (EV2 to EV20)

Flash Control

TTL direct flash control

Accessory Shoe

TTL direct flash control possible with TLA flash system; synchro terminal provided

Flash Synchronisation

Shutter speed is automatically set when a dedicated flash is fully charged.
*Automatic shutter speed depends on camera's originally set conditions and surrounding light. Second curtain synch is possible with a Contax flash having second curtain synch capability.

Auto-set Flash System

Auto switch-on system works with TLA-360

Metering Photo Sensor

SPD cell

Metering Range (ISO 100 f/1.4)

Center weighted average metering (EV 1 to 20)
Spot metering (EV5 to 20)

Film Speed Coupling Range

Auto with DX films from ISO 25 to 5000
Manual setting from ISO 6 to 6400

Exposure Compensation

+/- 2EV in 1/3 increments

Automatic Bracketing Control System

3 frame continuous exposure compensation by selecting +/-0.5 EV or +/- 1.0 EV

AE Lock

With the main switch, continuous usage possible 


Fixed pentaprism, eye level with long eye point, built in eyepiece shutter

Diopter Adjustment

Internally adjustable from +1D to -3D

Focusing Screen

20% Brighter, Horizontal split/microprism (FU-4 standard), interchangeable

Viewfinder Magnification and Field of View

0.8x magnification and 95% field of view (with 50mm focused at infinity).

Field of View

Lens at infinity and -1 diopter

Focus Indicator

TTL phase difference detection method. Display with Digital Focus

Viewfinder Information

Shutter speed, aperture, exposure mark, A.B.C. display, flash mark, exposure counter, metering mark, exposure compensation

Display Panel

Exposure counter, film speed, self-timer count, LT, B, custom function display, battery warning, multi-exposure display.

Film Winding

Auto wind with built-in motor. Max 3fps, single frame or continuous exposure

Exposure Counter

Auto resetting, additive type; displayed in viewfinder and on display panel

Film Rewinding

Auto rewind with built-in motor. Mid-roll rewind

Camera Back Cover

Detachable, provided with dating unit, imprinting made between frames

Depth of Field Preview

By pushing preview button.

Custom Function

9 varieties of cameras settings, selectable

Power Requirement

1 6V lithium batter 2CR5

Battery Check

Battery Check

External Camera Body Materials

Top and bottom brass alloy covers


6"H x 4 1/8"W x 2 3/8"D


1.79 lbs

Optional Accessories

Flexible Case C-4, FW Focusing Screens (5 types), Power Pack P-8, FL diopter lenses




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