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35mm SLR - RXII - Features

35mm SLR

Self Timer Indicator 10 and 2 second cancellable self-timer.


35mm SLR

Shutter Speed The shutter speed dial is located on the left side of the camera to facilitate quick change without removing the eye from the viewfinder.
Exposure Mode Lever Select Aperture Priority AE mode (AV), Shutter Priority AE mode (TV), Programmed AE mode (P) or Manual mode (M), X-synch for flash photography and Bulb for time exposures (B).
Accessory Shoe Attach any optional dedicated Contax Flash to this hot shoe.
Exposure Compensation Dial This dial allows +/-2 EV compensation in 1/3 EV increments, a blinking +/- in the viewfinder warns that Exposure Compensation is set.
ABC Lever The Automatic Bracketing Control (A, B, C.) provides an exposure increased, normal and decreased by either 0.5 EV or 1.0 EV from the normal exposure suggested by the camera in a three frame sequence.
Diopter Adjustment An internal dioptric adjuster is standard on the Contax RX. The diopter can be adjusted from +1D to -3D with the turn of the adjuster.
Drive Mode This dial is the selector which sets single frame advance (S), continuous advance (C) at three frames per second, maximum, self-timer (10 second delay), multiple exposure and the green "o" position which allows the digital focus indicator mode to be changed.
Display Panel This panel displays the film counter, film speed in ISO, battery warning display, multi-exposure display and Custom Function (CF) indicator.
Main Switch The main switch surrounds the shutter release button. When the main switch is set to Auto Exposure Lock (AEL) the data display blinks in the viewfinder and the Exposure Value (EV) is locked at the value last measured.


35mm SLR

External Socket Attach an optional electronic flash to this x terminal.
DX Contacts Film speed is read directly off the canister and set automatically by the camera.
Auto Rewind Button This button activates the rewind motor to quickly and automatically rewind the exposed film back into the cassette. When the film has been rewound, the motor automatically stops.
Release Socket An optional Contax Cable Release Type can be attached here.



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