Contax Cameras UK Limited

35mm SLR - RXII - FAQ's

Q. The RX has a five pin hot shoe while all of the other CONTAX camera bodies have only three pins. What do these extra pins give me?

A. The extra pins are included on the RX and the new CONTAX AX to communicate at an enhanced level of TTL with the TLA360 Flash. One of the enhanced features of the combination is that the f stop set on the lens will be displayed on the TLA360 flash. The other feature gained by the enhancement is the ability to power down the TLA360 providing flash fill ratios. This information applies to the RX and AX.

Q. What are Custom Functions?

A. Custom Functions allow the user to customize the camera as desired. Functions such as viewfinder display, multiple exposure, order of the A.B.C. system, depth of field preview, rewind control and more can be implemented as desired. On the drive mode button, the green "O" provides a second method of implementing the Custom Functions and operating the RX. This information applies to the RX and AX.

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