Contax Cameras UK Limited

Carl Zeiss Mirotar T* 500mm f4.5

Lens ImageOne of the fastest ultra-telephoto lenses in the world today. This lens design has totally eliminated chromatic aberrations so prevalent in conventional high-speed lenses of this class. Since lenses of this type do not have built-in diaphragms, exposure values must be adjusted by varying the shutter speed or using neutral density filters.

Lens Composition
5 elements, 5 groups Lens Elements
Angular Field
5 degrees
Minimum Focus
3.5m (11.5 ft)
Diaphragm Action
no diaphragm
F stop scale
f/4.5 only
Exclusive (insert type) (UV,Y,O,IR) and 3 position turret mount for ND filters to adjust exposure
4,500 grams (9.92 lbs)
Lens Size
151x225mm (5-15/16x8-7/8 in)
Lens Cap
151mm slip-on type
Lens Case Special case holds lens and filters  


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