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Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 21mm f2.8

Lens ImageThe Distagon T* 21mm F2.8, an ultra wide-angle lens offers improved image performance while reducing chromatic aberrations by using special anomalous dispersion glass. Even with the wide field of view offered by the 21mm focal length, distortion at the frame edge is exceedingly low.

Lens Composition
15 elements, 13 groups Correction of aberrations at dose range with a “floating element” Lens Elements
Angular Field
92 degrees12’
Minimum Focus
0.22m (9 in)
Diaphragm Action
MM fully automatic
F stop scale
Filter connection
Screw-in type
Lens Hood
W-l metal hood, screw-in type
515 grams (18.2 oz)
Lens Size
85x90 5mm (3-3/8x3-9/16 in)
Lens Pouch No. 4  


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