Contax Cameras UK Limited

35mm SLR - NX - Specification


35mm focal plane type AF/AE single lens reflex camera
Picture size: 24 x 36mm

Lens Mount

Contax N mount


Vertical travel focal plane shutter

Shutter Speed

Av, Tv and P: 32~1/4000 sec.
M: 32~1/4000 sec. and bulb
X: 1/125 sec. (M mode)


Electronic type, 10 sec. delay

Shutter Release

Electronic release, with dedicated cable switch socket

Exposure Control

(1) Aperture priority auto (2) Shutter priority auto (3) Program auto (4) Manual exposure (5) TTL auto flash

Metering System

TTL evaluative metering, center-weighted average metering, or spot metering selectable

Internal Flash

Guide number 13.5 (ISO100), up to focal distance of 28mm, red-eye reduction flash


Automatic flash intensity adjustment: TTL direct metering

Flash Auto Setting

Possible by combination with Contax flash unit with flash auto setting function

Second curtain synchronization

Possible with internal flash or Contax flash unit with second curtain synchronization function

Flash Synchronization

Automatic selection of shutter speed when flash charged

Sync Contact

X contact (synchronized at up to 1/125 sec.)
Direct contact and synchronization terminal included

Metering Range (ISO 100 f/1.4)

Evaluative metering: EV0~21
Center-weighted average metering: EV0~21
Spot metering : EV3~21

Exposure Compensation

+3EV~-3EV (in steps of 1/3 or 1/2)


Pentaprism eye-level (long-eye point)
Field of view93%
(with 50mm standard lens at infinity, -1D diopter)

Diopter Adjustment

Separately available FL type fitted for correction, eight variations

Auto Focus

5-point TTL phase difference detection

Viewfinder Information

Focus frame, film counter/self timer time/ABC shooting order/bulb time/film loading, flash mark, compensation mark, focus display, aperture value, shutter speed, metering mark, exposure meter, exposure compensation mark, manual exposure mark

Display Panel

Film counter/self timer time/ABC shooting order/bulb elapsed time/film loading, battery mark, distance display, focus mode (manual focus, single auto focus, continuous auto focus), exposure mode (manual exposure, aperture priority auto, shutter priority auto, program auto), metering display (spot metering, center-weighted average metering, evaluative metering), drive mode (self timer photography, single-frame photography, continuous photography), DX/ISO mark, ABC compensation mark, internal flash intensity compensation mark, aperture value/ABC compensation/internal flash intensity compensation, shutter speed/film speed/custom functions, exposure compensation, CF mark

Film Loading

Auto loading with automatic advance to film counter '01'

Film Advance

Automatic with built-in motor

Film Rewind

Automatic with built-in motor (with auto return/auto stop function), mid-roll rewinding possible

Drive Modes

Single frame, continuous, 10 sec. delay self timer

Winding Speed

Up to approximately 0.0 frames/sec. continuous shooting ('C' mode) (using a new battery, at normal temperature, and based on Contax testing standards)

Exposure Counter

Auto reset additive type for display panel and viewfinder

Camera Back

Opened and closed with camera back knob, detachable, film check window included

Power Requirement

3V lithium battery (CR2) x 2

Battery Check

Auto checking, indicated on display panel

Number of Films

Approximately xx 36-exposure cartridges (using a new battery, at normal temperature, and based on Contax testing standards)


Aperture check button, AF supplementary light




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