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Carl Zeiss T* N Mount Auto Focus Lenses - Tele-Apotessar T* 400mm f4

Lens ImageFast, yet handy apochromatic telephoto lenses have become indispensable optics for both sports and wildlife photographers.

For the Contax N SLR system, Carl Zeiss has designed an all new autofocus lens Tele-Apotessar® T* 4/400. It is relatively fast, yet handy enough to be used without a tripod. A filter slot accepts filters of rather small diameter. The lens Tele-Apotessar® T* 4/400 produces images of stunning sharpness and brilliance delivering high image quality even fully open, and over the entire frame.

Field flatness is immaculate. And so is field illumination. The resolution of fine detail impresses even very demanding photographers. The distortion is very well corrected. This lens's high performance ist kept virtually constant over the entire focussing range from infinity to the close-up limit.

Utilising the latest in optical glass technology and precision manufacturing, the Tele-Apotessar® T* 4/400 lens marks a summit in the development of Zeiss Tele-Apotessar® lens designs. Its performance challenges the quality of the best color films to their limits.

Preferred use:
Sports, wildlife, photojournalism, fashion, advertising, documentation of inaccessible objects and actions.

Full specification available as .pdf - Download Full Specification (68k)

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