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Carl Zeiss T* N Mount Auto Focus Lenses - Planar T* 50mm f1.4

Lens ImageThe Planar lens from Carl Zeiss is the most successful lens design ever conceived. This lens type is the basis of almost all professional "workhorse" lenses on the earth – and in space.

The Planar® T* 1.4/50 autofocus lens is the fastest standard focal length developed for the Contax® N1 system. At the same time, it is the smallest and lightest lens in the system. The lens provides a perspective (the ratio between the size of details in the foreground and in the background) which is similar to how the human eye sees the world. This makes it the ideal lens for many photographic tasks, in particular for documentary work where it is important to capture many details, as the optical performance of the Planar® T* 1.4/50 lens is so high that it allows even the potential of high-resolution films to be fully utilized.

The Planar® T* 1.4/50 lens incorporates special, high refractive glass types. Even at initial aperture, the Planar® T* 1.4/50 lens provides remarkably high image quality. This makes the Planar® T* 1.4/50 lens the ideal lens for photography where a shallow depth of field is desired or in low-light situations where the full aperture must be used.

Preferred applications:
All-purpose lens, documentation, available-light photography, traveling, editorials, flash-free photography of interiors

Full specification available as .pdf - Download Full Specification (233k)

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