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G Series - G1 Rangefinder - Features

G Series

Self Timer Indicator 10 second cancellable self-timer.
Light Sensor TTL actual exposure metering (center weighted average light metering)/External metering (automatic switchover with the mounted lens).
Lens Index Line up the red dot on a G series lens with the red dot on the camera body in order to attach a lens.
AF Assist Beam An Infrared Beam automatically illuminates in low light to assist the camera with auto focus operation. Visible light AF assist beam emitter (Note: This is not Infrared).

G Series

Drive Mode Selector/Up ISO Choose from single-frame exposure, continuous shooting, self-timer, or multiple exposure.
Film Speed/Down Button The DX contacts can be manually overridden here in order to set a particular ISO.
Display Panel Photographic data such as shutter speed, exposure warning, flash ready, exposure compensation and AF distance are indicated on a large LCD panel in the viewfinder. This format allows the photographer to concentrate on the subject while only a glance is necessary to inform the user about vital parameters.
Distance Reference Index This mark indicates the level of the film plane.
Accessory Shoe Attach any optional Contax Flash to this dedicated hot-shoe.
Shutter Speed The G1 offers a shutter speed range from 16 seconds to 1/2000 second. Select Auto (Aperture Priority AV) or Manual (M) Exposure Control.
ABC Lever The built-in Automatic Bracketing Control (A.B.C.) function (automatic exposure compensation on three consecutive frames) allows the photographer to do an exposure sequence consisting of one frame standard, one over and one under exposed. This can be accomplished in either 0.5 or 1.0 step increment.
Focus Dial Use this dial to manually focus the camera. Select Manual or Autofocus.
Exposure Counter This indicates current frame number.

G Series

Diopter The Contax G1 viewfinder eyepiece may be adjusted within the range +0.3D to -2.0D by turning the diopter adjuster.
DX Contacts The DX contacts can be manually overridden here in order to set a particular ISO.
Data Back Contacts An optional Data Back is automatically coupled with the shutter activation to imprint the date and time on the bottom right hand corner of the photograph.
Cable An optional Contax Cable Release Type “L” can be attached here.
Film Take Up Spool Note: This camera has a silver film loading sticker, it must be upgraded to use the Biogon 21mm and the Planar 35mm lenses. Modified cameras show a green sticker.


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