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G Series - G1 Rangefinder - FAQ's

Q. How can I do macro with the G1?

A. The G1 is a rangefinder camera offering higher performance in the "normal" photographic range. Macro photography belongs more properly into a specialised range of subjects. This application is more easily accommodated by the single lens reflex category of camera.

Q. Why is the optical quality higher with the G1 over the SLR lenses?

A. The G1, being a rangefinder, has a closer lens flange to film distance than an SLR, since it does not have an SLR mirror. This closeness, allows lenses to be designed without the normal compromises introduced into an SLR. Distortion and contrast are both enhanced in a rangefinder camera, with all other factors being equal.

Q. The shutter speed is always blinking and it will not change even under low light. What's going on?

A. The AE Lock is probably engaged. There are two ways to implement the AE Lock, one is by moving the main power switch to the AE L position. The other way is to enable the AE L with the Custom Function system to lock with a half depression of the shutter release. If the AE L is not engaged through the main switch, check the Custom Function system to determine how it is set. Custom Function number 1 controls the AE L operation. The 1-0 position indicates that the AE L is engaged via the main switch, while a 1-1 indicates setting by half depression of the exposure release.

Q. My eyeglass prescription is beyond the capability of the on-board diopter in the G1, what options are available.

A. There is no means by which the user can stretch the diopter limits on the G1. The solution is to wear your eyeglasses or contact lenses as normal.

Q. I set the ISO to 100 and shot a roll that came out fine. I put in a roll of ISO 400 slide film and the pictures were well over-exposed. After checking the ISO I noted that it was still set at ISO 100. I thought the DX Control would set the ISO for me.

A. The DX will set the ISO for you if the indicator is set at the DX position. If you set an ISO manually, it will remain where it is set regardless.

Q. I understand there is a way that the G1 can use the SLR lenses. How about clueing me in?

A. The GA-1 Adapter is a device that changes the film to flange distance to that of the SLR and converts the lens mount for the G1. When a lens in the range of 28mm to 85mm is fitted to the GA-1 and mounted on the G1, the viewfinder can be aligned to show the proper frame for that lens. Lenses longer or shorter than those listed may be used, however, the viewfinder will not provide the proper framing.


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