Contax Cameras UK Limited

T Series - Tvs III - Specification

35mm lens shutter AE compact, power zoom camera
Image Size
24 x 36mm (standard format)
Carl Zeiss Lens
Vario Sonnar T* 30~60mm F/3.7~6.7 (6 elements, 5 groups)
f/3.5~16 at 30mm
Focusing Distance
0.5m (1.6 feet) to infinity
Between the lens shutter
Shutter Speed 16 seconds to 1/1000 second
Electronic 10 second or 2 second delay, cancellable
Shutter Release
Exposure Control Mode Programmable auto, aperture priority auto
Metering Range (ISO 100)
EV -0 to EV 18
Metering Photo Sensor
SPD cell
Metering System
2 segment external light measurement (using SPD element) and spot metering
AE Lock
By half release
Exposure Compensation
+/- 2 EV in 1/3 EV increments, may be set to 1/2 EV increments using custom functions
Film Speed Coupling Range
Auto setting with DX films from ISO 25 to 5000; Non DX films default to ISO 100
Focus Adjustment
Auto/manual focusing (switchable), each with focus dial
Distance Metering
External passive system; focus lock
Real-image zoom viewfinder
Viewfinder Magnification
0.42x~0.76x magnification & 83% field of view at 3m -3.5 to +2 built-in adjustable diopter
Viewfinder Information
Picture frame, close focus frame, focus frame, shutter speed, exposure compensation, focus indication, flash ready, program indicator
Built-in zoom flash; exposure control by flashmatic system and by guide number control
Flash Modes
Auto-flash, automatic flash with red-eye reduction, fill-in flash, night portrait with red-eye reduction, flash off
Flash Range (ISO 100)
0.5m to 3.5m at 30mm position and 0.5m to 2.2m at 60mm
Flash Recycling Time
Approximately 6 seconds with fresh batteries
Film Loading
Auto, winds to first frame
Film Winding
Auto with a built-in motor
Film Rewinding
Auto with a built-in motor; mid-roll rewind
Exposure Counter
LCD, automatic resetting additive type
Camera Back Cover
Built-in date back, opens and closes with release knob
Power Requirement
One 3V lithium battery (CR 123A)
Battery Check
Camera Body Materials
Titanium top, front, bottom, and back
4 5/8"W x 2 1/2"H x 1 7/16"D
11 ounces
Optional Accessories
Flash adapter SA-1



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