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G Series - G2 Rangefinder - Specification

35mm AF rangefinder camera with focal plane shutter
Lens Mount
Contax G
Shutter Electronically-controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter
Shutter Speed Auto: 16 seconds to 1/6000 second
Manual: 4 seconds to 1/4000 second, B, and X (1/200)
Synchronisation Contact: Direct X contact (synchronising speeds 1/200 sec. slower), provided with synchronisation terminal
Self-Timer Electronic, with a 10 second delay, cancellable
Shutter Release Electromagnetic, provided with an exclusive release socket
Metering System Aperture-priority AE, Manual exposure (M), TTL Auto Flash, Manual Flash
Metering Range (ISO 100) EV 1-19 on TTL actual exposure metering, EV 3-19 on external metering
Metering Photo Sensor TTL actual exposure metering (centre-weighted average light metering) External metering (auto switching with the mounted lens)
AE Lock With main switch or half release
Exposure Compensation +/-2EV in 1/3EV increments
Automatic Bracketing Control +/-0.5EV/ +/-1EV exposure compensating values with A.B.C. lever
Flash Control TTL direct flash control
Accessory Shoe Direct X-contact hot shoe (provided with TLA flash contact)
Flash Synchronisation In combination with dedicated flash, the shutter speed is automatically set when the flash is fully charged
Film Speed Coupling Range ISO 25~5000 for automatic setting with DX film. ISO 6~6400 for manual setting
Focus Adjustment Automatic focus or manual focus using body-mounted focus mode dial
Distance Measurement Extended base length type external passive AF method, provided with AF assist beam and focus lock. Focus sensing range: EV 3-19 (ISO 100) without AF-assist beam

Picture area frame (automatic parallax adjustment), focusing frame, focus display, shutter speed, exposure mark, exposure compensation, flash mark

Viewfinder Magnification & Field of View Real image zoom viewfinder (with lens coupling in range 28-90mm), 0.57x magnification and 90% field of view (with 45mm lens, at infinity and -1D diopter)
Diopter Adjustment Built-in Diopter adjuster, +0.3D~ -2D
Display Panel Shooting distance/film speed, multi-exposure mark, custom function display, battery warning mark
Film Loading Auto loading and advance to first frame
Film Winding Automatic winding with built-in motor
Film Rewinding Automatic rewinding with built-in motor, automatic stop/return after rewinding is completed, mid-roll rewinding possible
Drive Modes Single frame, continuous shooting (CL,CH), self timer, multiple exposure
Winding Speed Up to about 4 frames per second on continuous shooting ("CH" mode) with fresh batteries
Exposure Counter Automatic-resetting additive type, A.B.C. display
Custom Function AE lock operation, A.B.C. exposure order selection, rewind with tab in or out, focus dial operation during manual focus, multiple exposure operation
Camera Back Cover Can be opened by camera back opening knob, detachable, provided with film check window
Power Requirement Two 3V lithium batteries CR2
Battery Check Automatic check, battery warning mark in display panel
Battery Capacity About 80 rolls of 24 exposure film
Camera Body Materials Titanium Top, bottom, front, and back covers
Dimensions 5 1/2" W x 3 3/16" H x 1 13/16" D
Weight 19.76 ounces
Optional Accessories

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