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Tvs Digital - FAQ's

Q. What are some of the things that make the TVS Digital so impressive?

A. The TVS Digital is constructed from the highest quality materials; titanium, gem quality sapphire, sapphire glass and the finest optical components. These materials are shaped to precise tolerances and assembled meticulously so that the performance is unchallenged. But it’s not just about the components or even the assembly. It is about owning one of the finest cameras ever produced as well as one of the highest performers. It is also about a tailored feature set that makes the TVS Digital a tool worthy of the name Contax.

Q. What kind of picture quality can I expect from the Carl Zeiss T* lens and the five-megapixel CCD?

A. The TVS Digital offers image quality commensurate with a high quality print 12 x 18 inches in size. Not only will the image be sharp, but colors will be saturate and contrast will be high. Shadow detail will be held even with crystal clear white highlights.

Sample Image Sample Image Sample Image
1/250Sec F4.8 ISO80 2560x1920 jpg. Fine
Right click on image to download
Approx image size (2.1mb)
1/250Sec F5.6 ISO80 2560x1920 jpg. Fine
Right click on image to download
Approx image size (1.9mb)
1/180Sec F4.7 ISO80 2560x1920 jpg. Fine
Right click on image to download
Approx image size (2.0mb)
Q. Why are there two set-up menus on the TVS Digital?

A. The TVS Digital offers Three Setup modes. The “C” Menu and “D” Menus allow faster access to menu items without scrolling through endless screens and items. The main Setup detent on the top control dial of the TVS Digital provides both “C” and “D” menus. Switch between the two by pressing “C Menu” or “D Menu” on the back of the camera. The “C” Menu controls; Drive, Long time exposures, Flash output compensation, Self-timer, Light metering, Spot, Center-weighted average and Matrix metering, Automatic Bracketing Control. The “D” Menu controls: LCD brightness, Date setting / printing, media formatting, Auto off, Electronic zoom, Sound volume, Menu color selection, Start screen selection, Auto REC review, Language selection, Video output switch, File number reset.

Q. What indications do I see in the viewfinder?

A. Parallax markings and Wide area focusing / Spot focusing markings are etched into the viewfinder glass. Just below the viewfinder and visible while viewing are a red and green LED. The green LED provides focus confirmation while the red LED provides flash ready information..

Q. What indications do I see in the LCD?

A. The TVS Digital offers most of its control feedback through the LCD. In the Program Exposure mode, the flash mode (Auto flash, Auto flash with Redeye Reduction, No flash, Forced flash and Low light Redeye Reduction Auto flash) is seen in the upper left corner of the screen; next to it, to the right, is the light metering type (center-weighted / spot / matrix), next, to the right, is the Recording resolution (2560 x 1920, 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960 and 640 x 480), next to the right is Recording mode (Fine (F) or Normal (N)), next to the right is Images remaining on media. Just below the ISO is displayed. In the center of the LCD is displayed the focusing area. To the lower left corner, the battery condition is displayed. In the AV mode the only addition to the above is the f/stop is displayed directly beneath the Recording resolution.

In the AVI (movie mode) in the upper left corner is the indicator for sound (On / Off), next to the right is Recording resolution (320 x 240 or 160 x 120), next to the right is Recording time remaining in seconds. The Focus frame is visible in the LCD center and in the lower left corner the Battery conditioned is displayed.

In the Image review mode, only the battery condition is displayed in the lower left corner.

In the Control dial Setup mode both “C Menu” and “D Menu” are displayed.

Q. What does the top LCD display?

A. On the extreme left, the Flash mode is displayed, on the right, the number of images remaining on the media, and below that the battery condition is displayed.

Q. What recording media does the TVS Digital use?

A. The TVS Digital uses either Secure Digital (SD) or MultiMedia Cards (MMC) image storage cards. This is a new, but already widespread media that is being used in PDAs, cell phones and many digital cameras. The virtues of the SD or MMC are that they are small, fast, inexpensive and they offer widespread usage.

Q. What types of power can the TVS Digital utilize?

A. The TVS Digital typically runs with a proprietary, rechargeable, 6 volt lithium-ion battery. The camera may also be run via an AC Power Pack supplied with the camera outfit. An AC Charger is also supplied for recharging.

Q. Are there any other special aspects of the TVS Digital?

A. Of course. There are many special features incorporated into the TVS Digital.

All glass viewfinder covers are made with sapphire glass. This is a highly scratch resistant material, virtually as hard as a diamond. Perhaps a luxury but it will keep your TVS Digital looking good for many years of great usage.

A viewfinder diopter is built-in to correct the image focus to fit your vision.

A Macro mode is built-in to allow close focusing down to .15m (5.91 inches) from the lens.

The T* anti-reflection coating on the Carl Zeiss lens eliminates internal reflections, increases contrast and color saturation. Your pictures will be much more realistic.

The LCD of the TVS Digital incorporates a special TFT coating called DayFine that uses light from the sun to amplify the image on the LCD to provide a brighter screen for viewing images even under bright daylight conditions

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