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Carl Zeiss T* N Mount Auto Focus Lenses - Vario-Sonnar T* 70-300mm f4.0~f5.6

Lens ImageThe Vario-Sonnar® T* 4.0-5.6/70-300 lens is a compact tele-zoom lens with autofocus and high image quality for the Contax® N1 SLR system. The zoom range of the Vario-Sonnar® T* 4.0-5.6/70-300 lens covers all focal lengths of 35 mm photography which normally allow good results to be obtained without the use of a tripod.

The smallest object size covered corresponds to the size of a postcard, the minimum object distance in front of the lens is 73 cm. The image quality obtained at this setting is remarkably good. To achieve this high image quality, the Vario-Sonnar® T* 4.0-5.6/70-300 lens also uses fluor-crown glass with anomalous partial dispersion.

Distortion has also been very well corrected , allowing the Vario-Sonnar® T* 4.0-5.6/70-300 lens to be used for product photographs, if necessary, if no macro lens is available or the longer focal lengths provided by the Vario-Sonnar® T* 4.0-5.6/70-300 lens are particularly beneficial for picture composition.

The optical and mechanical design is such that the lens requires relatively little space in its transport position. The Vario-Sonnar® T* 4.0-5.6/70-300 lens is the ideal complement to the more wide-angle oriented Vario-Sonnar® T* 3.5-4.5/24-85 lens and forms a lens pair with it, allowing the reliable performance of all tasks of 35 mm SLR photography – from landscape to small animals.

Preferred applications:
All-purpose telephoto lens, traveling, landscape detail, snapshots, editorials, portraits, animals

Full specification available as .pdf - Download Full Specification (390k)

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