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T Series - T3 - Specification

35 mm, fully automatic lens shutter type auto focus camera
Image Size
24 x 36 mm
Carl Zeiss Lens
Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 35 mm, F2.8 (4 groups, 6 elements)
f2.8 to 16
Focusing Distance
0.35 m to infinity
Double-between-lens shutter
Shutter Speed 16 seconds to 1/1,200 second (fastest aperture-open duration: 1/500 second), 1 second to 180 seconds with LT setting
Electronic, 2 seconds or 10 seconds, can be canceled midway
Exposure Control Mode Programmable auto, aperture priority auto
Metering Range (ISO 100)
EV-1 to EV-18 (ISO 100)
Metering Photo Sensor
Metering System
2-segment external light measurement (using SPD element)
Exposure Compensation
+-2 EV (1/3 EV steps) (May be set to 1/2 EV steps using customizable functions)
Film Speed Coupling Range
Linked with automatic setting (DX method) ISO 25 to 5,000, set to ISO 100 for other than for DX film
Focus Adjustment
Switchable between auto focus and manual focus (mode button and mode dial used for selection)
Range Finding Method External passive type, with auto focus auxiliary light and focus lock mechanism
Range Finding Range EV-2 to EV-18 (ISO 100) (with no auxiliary light)
Auto Focus Auxiliary Light Distance Range

Approx. 4.7 m

Reverse Galileo optical bright frame viewfinder
Magnification: 0.5x, field of view ratio: 85%
Viewfinder internal indications: picture frame, short focal range frame, short focal range mark, focus frame, flash mark, shutter speed
Indicator Panel Flash mode indicator (auto-flash, red-eye reduction auto-flash, no flash, forced flash, night portrait), mode setting indicators and setting value indicators (exposure compensation mode and setting value, self-timer and setting value, custom function mode and setting item, long time mode and duration setting, manual focus mode and distance setting), battery remaining indication, film counter
Built-in Flashmatic flash and guide number control, photography distance (ISO 100): 0.35 m to 23. m
Recharging time: About 3 seconds (new battery at room temperature, based on Kyocera photography standard)
Film Loading
Auto-loading system (with automatic free-winding mechanism)
Film Winding
Automatic winding
Film Rewinding
Auto-return/auto-stop mechanism, unfinished roll rewind mechanism
Film Counting Indication on indicator panel, automatic reset sequential counting type
Power Requirement
3V lithium (CR2) x 1, good for about 7 rolls (24 exposures each) with flash used 50% of the time (new battery at room temperature, based on Kyocera photography standard)
(T3) 105 (W) x 63 (H) x 30.5 (D) mm
320 g (excluding battery)

  (Data pack specifications)
LCD display with built-in quartz clock (auto calendar)
Caption Functions Year-month-day, day-hour-minute, no caption, month-day-year, day-month-year
Caption Method Automatic, linked to shutter operation
Power Supply 3 V lithium battery (CR2025)
Dimensions 100.5 (W) x 56 (H) x 16 (D) mm
Weight 60 g (excluding battery)



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