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Contax SL-300RT* - Features

1. Equipped with the 3x Optical zoom lens, Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar T* 5.8-17.4mm F2.8-4.7
The CONTAX SL300R T* is equipped with a 3x optical zoom lens for digital cameras, consisting of six elements in six groups, including aspheric lenses, which was developed using the latest Carl Zeiss optical technology. The lens focal length ranges from 5.8 mm (wide-angle) to 17.4 mm (telephoto), which corresponds to about 38-115 mm on a 35-mm camera, and achieves outstanding color reproduction and rich color gradation. Additionally, Carl Zeiss' special multi-layer T* coating dramatically reduces flare or ghost imaging that are generally the cause of poor resolution, and the result is clear, sharp images. Plus, the 3x optical zoom can be used with the 2x digital zoom to shoot at a maximum of 6x zoom. You can also use a digital zoom of up to 8x when playing back images, so you can take a look at the images you have taken.

2. Features the image processing system ''RTUNE'' High-speed, full-memory, consecutive shooting
The CONTAX SL300R T* is capable of full-memory, consecutive shooting at around 3.5 frames/second at the highest resolution. The liquid crystal monitor follows and displays images in real-time during consecutive shooting. If it is difficult to photograph the subject, such as children or pets with fleeting expressions, or moving subjects at an athletics meet or in group photograph with a number of people, taking consecutive photographs enables you to select the best shots afterward. Kyocera proposes this as a new way to take photos by making the most of the advantages offered by digital cameras.
* Full-memory consecutive shooting means shooting successive images until the capacity of the memory card is reached. It is available when using an SD memory card with a transfer speed of at least 10 MB per second for high-speed recording. (The consecutive shooting speed differs depending on the shooting conditions, the camera settings and memory card status. Free capacity may remain in the memory card, depending on images to be photographed.)

Close to the fastest performance in the industry
The camera starts up in less than one second and features a shutter time-lag of approximately 0.07 seconds, giving the camera close to the fastest performance in the industry. When you turn on the camera, you don't have to wait for it to be ready, and when you take photographs, the camera responds when you press the shutter, so you can seize the exact moment to take your shots.

Images with a fine array of gradations
The high-speed processor of the image processing system, RTUNE, consists of an analog front end and a digital processor. It first adjusts the RGB color balance of the analog data received in the CCD at the analog front end, and then converts it to a digital signal (A/D conversion).
The A/D conversion process provides 16-bit internal conversion of the data and sends it as 12-bit digital data to the next digital processor. The digital processor that receives the digital data produces the final image data and outputs it at high speed, creating low-noise digital data. By drastically reducing a wide range of noise generated in the digital images, it is possible to reproduce natural color and a fine array of gradations. To reproduce clear images, the image pickup device of the CONTAX SL300R T* uses a 1/2.7'' square pixel CCD with an original color filter, featuring 3,340,000 pixels in total.

3. Easy framing is possible thanks to the ''Easy-Framing Body'' with rotating lens section.
This 16-mm-thick, full-flat body boasts outstanding portability and can easily fit into a breast pocket or bag. The camera has a lightweight, but durable, magnesium die-cast body. The Easy-Framing Body with a rotating lens section also allows you to find a comfortable position to shoot in a wide variety of photographic situations. In macro shooting where you may need to shoot at high or low angles, rotating lens section enables framing at an angle that is easy to see on the monitor.

4. Superfine, Smooth Recording Function for VGA Moving Images with Audio
The camera enables you to easily shoot superfine, smooth moving images of VGA size (640 x 480 pixels) with audio at 30 frames/second up to the maximum capacity of the memory card(*2)
The record file is in AVI format and you can play it back easily on the liquid crystal monitor of the camera or a personal computer. (To play back your moving images on a personal computer, it is necessary to install QuickTime 4.1 or later.)
(*2) It is possible to shoot moving images up to the maximum capacity of the memory card when using an SD memory card with a recording speed of at least 10 MB per second for high-speed recording. (The shooting time differs depending on the shooting conditions, camera settings and memory card status.)

5. A Scene Mode Facilitates the Photographic Settings According to the Situation
The camera incorporates a scene mode that enables the camera to make the most suitable photographic settings according to the situation, based on seven predefined settings. They are: Standard, Sport, Portrait, Night View, Night View Portrait, Macro and Distant View. Each of the settings can be easily selected using the scene button.

6. A Function for Setting a Customized Start Screen Consisting of Your Favorite Image
The camera incorporates a function for setting a customized start screen that allows you to set an image you have photographed. The image appears whenever you turn on the power. If you use your favorite photo of yourself, your family or your pet, you can have special affection for the camera as belonging only to you.

7. A Function to Resize Your Photos for Easy Handling
It is possible to reduce the size of an image to 320 x 240 pixels or 160 x 120 pixels after it has been taken, and store it so that it can be handled via e-mail or by a portable terminal such as a PDA. You can select the new image size of the photos from three options, whole image, quarter area and one-sixteenth area.
Using this function in combination with a PDA that incorporates an SD memory card slot allows you to easily create an image size suitable for the liquid crystal screen of the PDA.

8. Special hood included. Filter attachable.
The CONTAX SL300R T* also comes with a special lens hood to be fitted to the front of the lens. A filter adapter is also included so that any commercially available 28-mm filter can be attached. When a filter is attached, you can see the effects of the filter directly on the liquid crystal monitor, which makes taking photos even more fun.






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